About the museum

Bārbele is located on the crossroads of two important roads, Riga - Skaistkalne and Bauska - Aizkraukle. 2 km from the center of Barbele, on the beautiful Iecava river bank, there is the Rural Tourism House "Ausekļu dzirnavas". Since 2005, step by step, a well-groomed environment in the vicinity of the Iecava River, which offers tourists a holiday in the countryside was created.

Opened in the autumn of 2009, a Latvian traditional farm with a collection of cars, machinery, household items has been created and is being further developed up to this day. The venue also features campgrounds, tent area, playgrounds for children, swimming spots and other amenities.

In the historic mill, which is now an ethnographic museum, two traditional festivals are held - in the spring "Spring work in the country farm" (second Saturday of May) and in the autumn "Harvest Festival" (second  Saturday of September ). The objective of these events is to show the interested parties the tools and mechanisms in action and invite the guests to take part in activities.

The space between the buildings holds an exhibit of decorative wheels and old millstones. The main attributes of a peasant's home - farm horse tools e.g. plows, cultivators, and all the horse-drawn accessories are arranged in one place, while the traditional Latvian women's world can be found in the so-called "grandmother's room". There is also our own blacksmith's forge - a workplace with an anvil, blacksmith's fan, a wheel shed - with claw machines and other tools.

Since 2011, the watermill building has regained its glory and has been included in the building ensemble, and the equipment and machinery have installed. The "Lazdas" windmill (ANNO 1926), which was transferred from Ādžūni, Īslīce municipality awaits its rebirth.


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