The museum was created as a Latvian country farm with a complex of buildings and a collection of vintage tools and household objects. The museum's function is to explore and promote the historical rural lifestyle - farming, crafts and household habits. The museum’s pride is the renovated watermill building and the “Lazdu” windmill, which has been transported here and renovated.

Most exhibits are functional and operable. One of the newest buildings transported here - the “Bread House” - with a built-in bread oven, offers a possibility to bake pies and rye bread, as well as tasting pancakes.

The museum traditionally hosts a large festival twice a year – in spring, the “Festival of the seedlings” and in autumn, the “Reaping Festival”, when visitors can participate in farming works, crafts and other exploratory activities.

Price and method of payment

Paid services - payments in EUR, only cash or bank transfers (advance payment) are accepted!


Tour of collection and premises*

Children (7 - 16 years)  – 2,50

Latvian pensioners, people with special needs - 4,00

Adults – 5,00

Pre-school children - 1,50/pers.

3+ Card family (1 adults + children) - 7,50

3+ Card family (2 adults + 1 children) - 12,50

Traditional festivals at the museum *

Children (7 - 16 years)– 3,00

Latvian pensioners and people with special needs - 6,00 

Adults – 7,00

Guide services

15,00/ for the group (Latvian)

Offer for newlyweds

100,00 event + 1,50 museum tour, use of the site for each guest (Latvian)

Free entrance to the museum only for:

Leader of a group of visitors or teacher of student group above 20 persons;

Children up to 6 y.o. – to festivals organized by the museum.

Entry into the property with pets and animals is prohibited!

* * we accept groups of tourists outside working hours (starting from 15 persons) if booked in advance!

* * * reservation of premises is granted only after the safety deposit is received!

Museum opening hours

darba laiks


Traditional activities in the museum

Various craftsmen are always present at the festivities with their products from all regions of Latvia, as well as the Mediņi family shows their skills.

The “Festival of the seedlings” (second Saturday of May) is an opportunity to observe and test your skills in the farm works:

  • preparation of soil for sowing using farming tools;
  • sowing of grains and grass with an sowing apron and various types of sowing machines;
  • planting of potatoes,
  • milling roofing boards with a saw mill;
  • sawing a log with a hand saw;
  • Crafts - basket weaving, metal forging, broom binding, weaving, yarn spinning, knitting, rope weaving, log carving, fire wood sawing with hand saws, shingles bursting, pottery making, etc.,
  • Household chores - porridge cooking, butter threshing, laundry washing, laundry ironing, grain grinding with hand mill, etc.
  • A cultural programme,
  • Crafts market.

“Reaping Festival” (first Saturday of September)

  • Grain reaping,
  • Binding of bunches,
  • Ploughing with vintage tractors,
  • Threshing of grain with flails, threshers (horse and steam engine operated),
  • Grain grinding with hand mill,
  • Crafts — metal forging, basket weaving, broom binding, weaving, yarn spinning, knitting, rope twisting, shingles bursting, log carving, etc.,
  • Household chores - porridge cooking, butter threshing, cabbage fermentation, laundry, battling on battling block, etc.,
  • A cultural programme,
  • Crafts market.

Uniqueness - the “living Museum” – vintage machinery and objects/tools at work, creating and baking rye bread or pies.


Address:  “Ausekļu dzirnavas”, Bārbele parish, Bauska county, LV-3905

Tel.: +371 26396878   +371 29197412


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